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Full Version: Newbie- Can't Keep Dsl Connection Active
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Used Yast2 to set up DSL dial up connection. Connects oks, I can surf the web, ect. After the connection "times-out" for being inactive- I can't reconnect to the internet. I have the connection set as "dial on demand."

The only way I can get the connection back is to delete and reinstall the DSL settings in Yast.

Is this a bug or do I not have something set in-correctly?


Is there a permanently connected option?
From what I have found, the only way to keep it permanently connected (in theroy) is to set the "time-out" option to "0." However, I have changed this, and it still won't work.

I only way I can get it to work, is if I completly reinstall SuSE and configure the settings. After I restart the computer or my ISP kicks me off for being inactive too long, it will not reconnect.

It appears something changes after the initial setup. I have compared the Lunix settings to my XP settlings- and it appears to be the same. XP works fine- so I know its not the ethernet port or connection to the DSL modem. It has to be something with the settings in SuSE.
are you using the ethernet or the usb cable to connect the modem to the computer? i used to have dsl and if i remember correctly then there are (i think) 2 more options...stay connected and off(or somethin like that). I switched to cable (its better and you dont have to use software to connect)
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