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Full Version: Forwarding Emails With Sendmail.
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Okay - i'm running rh linux 9 behind a comcast cable connection. everytime i send an email from my domain ( i get an email returned from comcast's mail admin saying that i need to forward my email through any ideas of how to set this up with RH9?


I assume your domain is hosted on your rh9 box? If comcast is blocking outgoing traffic to port 25 then you'll have to set your outgoing mail server to in whatever mail client you use.
Some Cable/DSL ISP's (in the interest of preventing SPAM) are blocking all SMTP (port 25) traffic out of thier networks from non business class customers. (This has the added benefit of generating more rvenue for them).

I am running a mail server as well on a cable link as well, but the terms of service say that items like that require a business class service.

With most SPAM now being routed via broadband connected users who have trojans installed on their PCs, and with the terms of service not allowing servers on non-business services... I can see the Broadband ISP's point. I certianly wouldn't be happy about it if my ISP did it, but I would then have to buy the business class service.

I'm sure the ISP is only going to route mail out if you are using their address in the From: field...I don't know of a way that sendmail can use an account to send mail via another server unless the remote server is set to relay mail from the sending domain ... and I doubt your ISP will setup to allow you to relay unless you are a business class customer.
you can set the
smart_host in the and
rebuild the file
by running make -C /etc/mail

and restart sendmail and you should be ok
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