I'm trying to set up an asterisk server and have some basic networking questions. If this forum isn't an appropriate place to pose my questions, some redirection would be appreciated.

The instructions I'm following tell me to make some modifications to a .conf file. One of the lines I am to enter is:

register => me@mysipproxy.com/1000

And then I need to define the proxy information and am provided with the following sample code:


How do I determine the host IP address for my specific installation? My linux box is plugged into a router which acts as a DHCP server and the router provides for port forwarding. The port I am to use is 5060. Do I use the router's IP address for the Host IP or some other IP address?

Also, can I just designate whatever domain name I want and so long as I define it in the proxy section it will work?

Thanks for any help, Roger.