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I am looking to change to Linux either dual system run in February next year.

I think it will take me that long to work out what is going on and get set up. Plus I think I will have to raise some funds.

When I have asked which distribution I have been told Mandrake, Suse or Red Hat.

But when I have surfed the net I am attracted to LindowsOS, Xandros and Lycoris. They just seem the easiest to me. Like plug it in off you go. Is there a point I am missing? Is there a good reason against these to start off with?

At present I belong to email groups, surf nearly everyday, use Kazaa for music downloads. I use word processing for work and community groups. Less frequently I use the spreadsheet, database programmes.

I understand a lot of software is free, but it is no use to me if when I do meeting minutes, noone else can read them. So I can see I am going to buying things like Staroffice.
If you are worried about Red Hat being hard to set up, I can tell you it seriously takes like 10 mins of your time (you might have to read a few pages of a book wile its actually installing) but the set up is easy. The only thing that gets tricky is the 'tweeking' of the system so it runs perfectly. I just thought you might want to hear from another newbie that Red Hat is really easy to install and get running, plus with up2date its really easy to keep all your programs and what not current with just a few clicks.
But also, you might want to ask yourself why you want to switch to linux if you're so worried about compatibility issues. I switched because I am a computer science major and programming is much easier in windows, and all of the school computers are running linux/unix/solaris so it actually increased my compatibilty. But you have to find your own reasons. asier in windows, and all of the school computers are running linux/unix/solaris so it actually increased my compatibility. But you have to find your own reasons.
Wile I can't vouch for Red Hat over any of the other builds, I can tell you that its really pretty easy, and with the KDE desktop, it flys and looks sweet.
The following opinions are my personal ones ... not in any way associated with linuxhelp.

Mandrake, SUSE, Fedora (Redhat) ... those are the best newbie distros.

Lindows is not really GNU/Linux .... (In my opinion). I don't like the Lindows subscription policy or install mechanisms. I would never recommend Lindows OS to anyone.

Xandros is a good OS ... it is based on Debian (which I would use instead since it is free). You have to purchase Xandros, but other than that it is good.

Lycoris is also not available for download for free, is based on Caldera Open Linux, and is greatly modified. It doesn't work like any other linux ... so help will be hard to get except directly from the Lycoris website.

The SUSE install via FTP (the free way) is harder than the ISO installs for Fedora and Mandrake. So I would recommend either Fedora or Mandrake.
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