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Full Version: Linux Newbie - Need Help :(
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Hi everyone

I have a slight problem. I know you may have another flavour of Linux, I have Red Hat 7.0. and I need to know what the command/ procedure might be for running an application as a background service. I have searched high and low and cant seem to find any good source for this. (Also can anyone point me to some docs for quick fast idea of Linux and Admin related issues).

Basically we have a remote (hosted) machine, and when we close the connection to the machine it also closes the Application - how do I stop the App from closing???

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance.
Most daemon applications have a command line parameter that will send it to the background as a service, you can check this with --help most times.

The simplist and easiest way is to follow the command with an "&".


user@localhost$: netscape &

This will respond with the process number, and bring you back to the command line. It'll execute the program and send it to the background.
also, you may want to use the nohup command in front of the start command to write all screen output to the file named nohup.out vice sending it to the console...


nohup netscape &

(following on with corey's example) will start the netscape process in the background and not write any output to the screen that starts it.
Hey all,
I'm a newbie to using linux as a server or trying anyhow. I would like to know how to use the ftp: or do i have to install one? Im really new to this i just thought u would know. But also i like my partner to be able to access my server from his house? please HELP! unsure.gif
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