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Full Version: What Window Manager Do You Use?
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What window manager do you use and why? Screenshots allowed!
I'm going to be a pain and point out that KDE isn't a window manager, but rather Kwin smile.gif

Anyways, here's a few screenies:

KDE 3.2 with an OSX look and feel in Gentoo:

KDE 3.1.4 with a SuperKaramba theme in Gentoo:

Windowmaker 0.80 with my favorite theme, Blueheart, as well as TVtime in Debian:

Lycoris Desktop, I installed this distro to try it out:

Redhat 9 with Microsoft Outlook running, looks like a native linux app eh?
no window manager here...all command line
@chrisw ... man, you are hard core wink.gif

(I even have Ximian Gnome 1.4 (and CDE) on my HP-UX 11.0 server...even though I don't use them very often).

I am a Gnome guy (metacity is the Window Manager for Gnome, for anyone who is wondering where it is on the list above).
Hey, using command line only is not as hardcore as it used to be. I did some fiddleing around with my system, here are a few apps running in console for me:

Web browser:

IRC Chat:

And, with the amount of applications available for console (and directfb specifically), you realy don't need XFree86 anymore:

Movie Player: Mplayer/Xine
ICQ: licq (console plugin)
Web: links2 with -g parameter
TV: Xawtv's 'fbtv' or tvtime run in -directfb mode
Email: too many to count
IRC: BitchX, etc.
i found that even though i had X on my box and using it...i always opened a command prompt window to do all my configuration.

I found that you can jump around *nix systems easier when have done stuff through command it makes for a smaller install.

another thing is i totally install every thing from source.
UNLESS the software i want to use is only available through rpm or if there is lots and lots of extract crap that i need to install and if that is the case i just run my up2date app and it downloads the necessary dependencies/files....

plus i find it easier to work command line anyway....i use to do everything from X years redhat 5.1 days but ive come along way so there is no need for X anymore......
chrisw, I think you would enjoy a Gentoo install. It really stands out from a lot of other distributions.
I remeber i voted for WindowMaker....But still windowmaker recieves 0 votes..this is ridiculas...give another chance fella.

Actually window maker is is very vast...very easily customisable...And is evolving very fast...
Excuse me..but i am going join window maker project....

Gnome rulez over all, with free beer, and a lot of other stuff...yehaaaa

Robert B
Wot's dis do'n it wif a penquin thing?
Where I come from dat's illegal. LOL.
I like the KDE Desktop it has made my transition to linux much easier than i thought it would be but one day i hope to be able to gain enough confidence in myself to use only command line interface but that is a ways off for me right now.

Russell Morton
im a fan of pekwm.
its fast its simple. And best of all there is no task bar by default so i can make it look just like the console and pretend i hae for consoles running
What is up with all these KDE freaks smile.gif ... I switched to KDE for a month (as a test), but then back to my GNOME.
Well,i was a GNOME user,but i am using KDE since some 2 or 3 months...
It seems that GNOME people,are trying to hide every configuration option from the user.

On the other hand KDE is powerful,and very easily customisable...
Even from teh start I didnt like the feel of gnome. But then again im just not one for a bloated WM/ DE. Which is probablly why i don't use KDE or Gnome. tongue.gif
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