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Full Version: Linux Boot Doesn't Find Windows (anymore)
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I have two hard disks. Hard disk 1 is a full Windows 2000 partition and hard disk 2 has a Windows and a Linux partition.

The first time I installed Linux it would give me the option to boot Windows 2000 or Linux at startup and both worked fine. I could also mount the Windows 2000 partition from within Linux.

But I had to reinstall Linux again (because of some problems) and after the second installation, the option to boot Windows 2000 disappeared and the Windows 2000 partition doesn't show up in Linux anymore.

Any ideas on how I can tell Linux and the bootmanager to find Windows 2000 again?

and that's bad how .... laugh.gif (OK sorry --- I'll put away my bad M$ 'tude now)!
Which Linux distro and which bootloader?
Suse 9.0 with GRUP

The Yast partitioner says that

/dev/hda1 Hidden HPFS/NTFS

but there seems to be no option to unhide it.

And I don't really want to mess with all those Fstab LVM and RAID options before I know what those are and what I'm doing...
Allright, I managed to unhide the partition using GRUBs unhide command, changing its id partition type from 0x17 to 0x07. Now I'd just need to know how to mount it correctly and how to make it bootable.
Everything works fine now.

I added the following lines to /boot/grub/menu.lst:

title Win2k
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Thanks to Demonbane @ linuxquestions
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