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Full Version: Baffling Networking Nightmare! :)
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Ok, 2 computers connected to a Netgear WGR614v2 router.

Computer A is windows XP pro connected via ethernet. Computer B is connected via a Netgear MA401 wireless pcmcia card using SuSE Linux 9.0 pro.

The problem: When I try to ping computer A from computer B and vice versa there is no reply. However, both computers can ping the router and access the internet just fine. Also (important), if I connect computer B using ethernet instead of the wireless card, I can ping computer A and vice versa just fine (and samba works great)!

Therefore, I have some kind of wireless config issue with suse linux.

eth0 is the ethernet card. wlan0 is the wireless card configured as a 'wireless' instead of 'ethernet'.
On SuSE's install it configures the netgear MA401 as 'wlan-pcmcia' but the interface is wlan0.

'route -n' returns the same results for both eth0 and wlan0 as does 'ifconfig'. The net masks are the same and everything looks similar that I can think of to check.

I tried adding the windows machine to the hosts file ( but that did not seems to help. Do I also need to add the linux machine to the windows hosts file? (maybe i did it wrong?)

Anyone have any ideas why ethernet works fine for pinging each computer connected to the router but wireless does not? I have run out of things to try for now!

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif Thanks for any replies! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Just wanted to say that negative feedback from someone who really knows linux/networking would help too, even if u don't know the problem.

If you think "damn, that's some f*cked up sh*t!! blink.gif mad.gif ', or 'you're screwed! tongue.gif ' please lemme know.

thanx biggrin.gif
Just wanted to say I fixed the problem to let people know how.

For some reason suse set up my wireless card as wlan-pcmcia with interface wlan0. (I don't know why since I am new to linux.) So there is some level of communication going on between the two obviously.

After researching I figured the problem had to do with routing the packets correctly based on the subnet so I went to the routing table and added an entry for destination: gateway: mask: and wlan-pcmcia. Before I think only wlan0 was in the routing table. However, I also thought that routing packets to the gateway destined for the subnet might be a good idea too since the gateway might be designed to deal with that and figure out where the packets are supposed to go anyway (even if it is taboo to do that,I figured a decent router would figure out the error and deal with it)!

Basically it was a shot in the dark hack from a clueless networking n00b but it worked! (i rebooted both comps and released / renewed and it still works)

/enjoying wireless samba right now!

linux laptop hooked to tv + wireless +samba + 300gig hdd and movie archive on desktop winblow box = pwnage. hehe

You should have already had a route in the table that said:


Gateway: Wireless_IP_ADDR


But if it's working the way you have set it, and with only a couple PC's on your subnet, wither way should be fine.
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