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Full Version: Bellsouth Dsl And Mandrake 9.1
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i would like to swithc from winxp to mandrake 9.1 All is going well except i cn't connect to the internet. I am using a westell wirespeed modem with a realtek 8139 ethernet card.
When i run mcc i choose adsl and unselect all the other options.
Now it gets confusing as the bellsouth connection wizard lists this for connection info:
IP address
IP gateway
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Local area connection status:
address type: DHCP
IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway
Which of these do i enter into mcc?
Am i even configuring mcc correctly?
If you want to use mandrake, I would download and install Mandrake 9.2 instead of 9.1 {just a recommendation, but Mandrake 9.2 has a 2.4.22 Kernel {ready for 2.6 kernel} (9.1 has 2.4.21 ... must make many upgrades for 2.6 Kernel), OpenOffice 1.1 (9.1 has 1.02), KDE 3.13 (9.1 has 3.1), Gnome 2.4 (9.1 has 2.2), Mozilla 1.4 (9.1 has 1.3), The GIMP 1.2.5 (9.1 has 1.2.3), GCC 3.3.1 (9.1 is 3.2.2)}.

You can download 9.2 free here:


You are probably using pppoe to connect to the internet (if you have to install software to connect and your external IP address changes)...if you have a permanent IP then don't follow these instructions...

For your setup in Mandrake Control Center, Go to Network-Internet and click DrakConnect. I have 9.2 (not 9.1) and there is a Launch the wizard.

You want to setup ADSL and DHCP (use autodetect and expert mode)... you won't have to put in any IP will need your username and password.

Select pppoe as the way you connect, it will ask you info about your network card ... select dhcp.
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