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Full Version: Fedora/grub Issues
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I've been using earlier versions of Linux for a while, but decided to jump into Fedora. I've run into
two issues that have me stumped regarding Fedora and the GRUB loader. First issue is that I cannot
find the capability to install the GRUB loader to the boot partition vs the default location of the MBR.
Since the machine is going to be a WinXP/Fedora dualboot, I don't want to mess with the MBR. The
older RH 6.x/7.x setups gave you the choice of MBR or boot part. I don't see that selection anywhere
in the Fedora installer. Second issue is that I always make a boot floppy when I install a Linux distro, and
Fedora gives me the option to do so, BUT when I tell the installer to create a boot floppy, it tells me
that the kernel/modules are too large to fit on a floppy, and refuses to allow me to make a floppy...
What's going here? The target machine is a Dell Dimension 4550/768mb RAM/60gb hardrive..

Thanks in advance,
Dave Frandin
On the location of the boot loader, it is the same as RedHat 9.0. Here is the RedHat 9 Boot loader config page.

On the Boot Loader Configuration Screen you want to select the Configure advanced boot loader Checkbox.

Then on the Advanced Boot Loder Configuration Screen you can select the Fedora Partition or the MBR.
I guess that the kernel (and the files required to make it boot) are larger than 1.44 mb. (I just looked at the kernel and it is 1252277 bytes)...I always just use the First CD ... and instead of pressing enter, type:

linux rescue

to boot to a rescue kernel if I have any problems.
akkkk... Now I see.. Thanks for the kick in the pants.. It used to be (in RH5/6/7) right out in the open.. As I
said, I'm not so familiar with the newer distros/setups.. I guess I'll use the cd boot to rescue also, as I didn't
realize the 2.4.x kernel and all its mods had gotten so BIG...

I don't know why the kernel is SO big either ... my debain 2.4.22 kernel is 869kb ... but redhat and fedora are both about 1.2mb...

I also don't know why redhat hides where to write the boot record ... probably to keep it away from absolute newbies since setting the boot record to the /boot partiton instead of MBR requires you to know how to make your current OS properly do a dual boot.
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