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Full Version: Linux & Pda's.....
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Might be a dumb question....but have any of you ever come across a miracle solution to enable use of an off the shelf PDA (such as a Sony Clie) with Linux?

Supplied software with tese devices naturally supports Windows & Mac, but is there a way to get set up to transfer data back & forth with Linux?
There is software to connect a pda (palm) for linux...assuming all pda's work the same it should work for like the sony clies possibly...but
there is software that comes with redhat that supports palm pda's
not sure about the clies...but as far as software..yes there is some...
just have to hunt the net on the linux sites or even the site for the manufacturer of your pda.....hope this helps
That is what I'm hoping for. The Sony Clie uses the Palm OS.

I'm running Mandrake 9.0 & it includes a little program called kpilot but I can't figure out how to get it working.

There is activity during a hotsync but no files get transferred.....I know the PDA & computer are 'talking' 'cuz on my PDA in the hotsync log there are entries like "KPilot 4.3.3 HotSync starting......End of HotSync".

Now I just have to figure out how to actually have files transferr....
I was unfortunate enough to have to support pda's for over two years...anyway your sony'll be compatible with any software designed to integrate with a palm pilot by default. in regards to continued problems with kpilot not syncing correctly, I wouldn't go by the output on your sony alone. you may have a connectivity problem with your cradle. easiest way to check this would be to open up a terminal program, set tty s0 (assuming a serial cradle) and then try to sync your handheld and see if it returns a bunch of garbage on your screen. if so you're problems's somewhere in your kpilot configuration. hope that helps, or at least narrows down the list of possible causes. good luck.
Could you suggest a terminal program to use to test the port with a palm?
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