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Full Version: Video Problems With Call Of Duty
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I am running a Radeon 7500. Does anyone know of better Radeon drivers than the stock version that comes with X? I can run Counterstrike with no problem, but I cant get Call of Duty to run. At first it told me that there was a video card error and to download the newer drivers(which ATI doesnt make in the first place now i get a long winded error that says the same thing and that my video card is missing features that would let me play the game.
If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

EDIT: I just noticed that it reads my card as only 32 megs as oppose to the 64 that is has
You may be able to use these drivers.
Is there a native linux client for Call of Duty? I've played it in Windows and love it.
I know of a Linux Server (info, fIles) ... but not a game client ...

Are you running it using WineX?
I am runnig WineX 3.1. I found an installer that does not require it, but the game itself does require Winex.
here's the link to the Installer

Sorry for the late reply, been down due to case modding.

Just a note to hughesjr : I did eventually get my dual monitors working. I just had to identify the PCI address on both adapters. It wont display different resolutions on both monitors, but at least they are both running
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