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I am new to linux and really could use some help. I want to set up a cluster (the type i believe is a paralell computing cluster, or the type that makes the clustered computers work together to increase the speed. I heard you can do this with mandrake so i downloaded it but need some help. my one master two node cluster is currently running windows 2000, but i need linux to give me the speed boost (each comp is 3GHz, so i am shooting for 9GHz). I know you can do it with linux but the thing is i need to be running linux and windows simultaneously so i can have the fast speed with linux and be using windows to run everyday programs (games, etc.). I am just not sure how to do it. Do i partition the hard drive, i heard about a program called VMware, am i using the right kind of linux for this, how can i make the 2 operating systems run at the same time?!? I am a newbie, so more basic explanations will be greatly appreciated. I am fighting a fast approaching deadline and am feeling trapped! Thank you for your time
Hey... i dont know anything bout ur clustering problem but if u want to run windows and linux at the same time and on the same computer VMWare is a great solution.

If you partition your harddrive you will have to choose which one you want to boot... not allowing both at the same time.

VMWare comes for both linux and Windows. It is a program that runs and you can create virtual machines which run like totally separate computers from a few files.

head over to VMWare Workstation Downloads and get either the linux or windows binarys.

Install it and then you can create a new machine to install windows under linux or vice versa.

Just follow the install docs etc. Bloody good i use it everyday, and with the specs of the machines your talking about you should have no speed issues.


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