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Full Version: Audigy 2 Driver
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I am a newb to linux and I have gotten nearly all the drivers I needed installed except for my audigy 2 sound card. I have been trying to install emu10k1 but with no success. I uncompressed the files in my home directory under /tmp. I then typed make and get the following:
[root@localhost emu10k1]# make
make -Cscripts
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/fawkes/tmp/emu10k1/scripts'

/lib/modules/2.4.21-0.13mdk/build directory does not exist. Please edit the file 'config'
in this directory and set KERNEL_SOURCE to the correct location of your
kernel source.

You are currently running kernel version 2.4.21-0.13mdk, the source code should
be for this version.

make[1]: *** [get_version] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/fawkes/tmp/emu10k1/scripts'
make: *** [opts] Error 2

I am not sure how I should change the config file so that it is set to the correct location of my kernel source. I read the reamme file and I am unsure what it wants me to do to configure this. I also am unsure what the kernel version is.
What should I do to get this to work? Thank you so much for helping me.

If emu10k1 is the correct driver, you shouldn't have to recompile it ... that module is included in the standard kernel.

If you load Mandrake Control Center and go to sound card, what happens ... what selections are available.

Make sure you open the mixers for both alsa and oss ... and make sure all items are adjusted to the middle ... if you have sound, adjust each seperately to figure out what controls your sound.

Here is a good link:

To answer your compile question ....

1. You must install the package kernel-source.

2. Go to /usr/src and do an ls -al command.

3. If there is a linux make sure it is pointing to the kernel you boot from...if there is no linux, then issue the following command (from within the /usr/src directory):

ln -s kernel-version linux

where kernel-version is the directory name (in /usr/src) of the kernel you are booting from....
Thank you for your help, I went to the suggested post and read it. I got my sound to work.
For those of you that wish to know what I did to get my Audigy 2 to play on Mandrake 9.1
I went to Mandrake control center ->hardwear ->HardDrake
Find the sound card
Click run config tool and then Let me pick anthor driver (Mandrake was using i810_audio as the defaule driver.)
find EMU10k1 and select that as the driver.
It should now work

If that doesn't work I suggest going to the post that is listed above for their was alot of useful info.

Thanks for the help
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