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Full Version: Linux-windows Problems
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I recently installed Mandrake Linux 9.1 onto a system using WinXPpro by using the option to split the windows partiton's free space. The drive had 18 gigs free, and I composed the Linux partition of 10 gigs. Unfortunately, it appears this drive was very fragmented at the time this was done. The linux installation is essentially fine, with a few bugs here and there, but the windows partition has been corrupted. I can access most of the files within the partition using Konqueror, but it occasionally locks up, but it seems many of the files are corrupted. WinXP will not boot (surprise!). I was wondering the best possible way to delouse this computer, with the ideal goal of keep the existing files on the windows partition intact, and if that isnt possible, to find a clever method of backup (K3b can burn, but only once files are copied to the user partition), and a solution that makes both operating systems as stable as possible.

Thank you,

Ryan Noon
Recently Converted Concerned Linux Neophyte
That is a hard question ...

ALWAYS defragment your disc PRIOR to using any Partition spliting program. (You already know that now ... I also found out the hard way! The good news is, you will remember it longer now than if someone told you to do it, at least I sure did. laugh.gif )

I normally recommend adding a second hard drive instead of partitioning a current partition ... exactly because of what happened to you ... and me a long time ago!

The NTFS capability of linux is not very good ... but at this point (with a messed up windows partition ... probably many lost XP files, etc..) the best course of action is to try to use linux to backup any important datafiles to from both Windows and Linux by burning to CD (or a second hard drive, if you have one).

Once you have saved all the files you can, boot from the WinXP CD .... do a fresh install (as part of the install, remove all partitions and create a partiton for XP only, leaving the rest of the disc for the linux install). I like NTFS as the boot partition for Windows (even though it does't work well with linux), but if you do use NTFS, you may also want to make a FAT32 partition to share files between XP and Linux.

Next install Mandrake in the free space with the mandrake cds.

If everything is bootable and working, then install extra programs in XP.

Both OS's should be stable.
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