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Full Version: No Graphical Display
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First off, I'm a Linux newbie (as in, this is the first time I've attempted installing it), so bear with me, please.

Dell Inspiron 5100 w/SXGA display
RedHat Linux 8

I initially tried running the install in graphical mode. Got blank screen. Restarted install in text only mode and am able to get through it up to a point. Install probed the video card perfectly, but does not probe the monitor. Have tried selecting every Dell Laptop display in the list, but when I test the diplay during the next step, all I get is a blank screen. Have also tried every Generic selection in the list, same results. If I complete the install anyway, I get a blank screen where I should get a login. If I complete the install selecting Text Only Login, things work fine but I'm stuck in text only mode. Tried running redhat-config-xfree86 after logging in (as root) and immediately get blank screen (requires hard boot to get out of). Have checked Dell's & RedHat's websites to trying to find drivers--no luck. Checked to see if anyone else had similar problems . . . all entries there say install went without a hitch. Any suggestions??
try using the monitor driver vesa and the video card driver vesa...just for the install.

Actually, this post (at the dell forums) says that xfree 4.30 is required ... it also says RH 9.0 installs without a problem. I would recommend RedHat 9.0 instead of RedHat 8.0.
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