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Full Version: Permanant File Permission Changes... How?
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I have a few devices that are set to su only and each time i change the permissions "chmod a+rx" and i restart/shutdown they get reset. Is there any command that will make these changes perm?
You didn't mention your distro ... some distro's use a dynamic system called devfs and require you to be a member of a certian group (like audio,video, etc.) to have access to certian devices...

What is your distro and what devices do you need access to?

If there isn't already an easy fix, and if you can do a chmod command to make the changes as root ... we can write a startup script (to run as root) and make the changes on every startup.
Sorry about the distro, its Red Hat 9, and i need access to some USB cammeras that are hooked up to it.
usb works differently ... I 'm assuming that when you plug it in, it's detected and something happens (a file system is mounted maybe).

Here are a couple more questions...

Is the file system auto mounted when you plug in the camera, or do you have to mount it as root?

If it is automounted, is there a mount line in /etc/fstab that contains the directory that you go to for access to the pictures?
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