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Does linux slackware 9 support harddrives above 137GB? If not do any other distros support them?
There is a 137gb IDE issue ... it is called the lba48 issue. All versions of the kernel above 2.4.21 (and some kernels at 2.4.20 with patches) support > 137gb IDE hard drives on some PCs ... and not on others. If you have a ALi controller built into the motherboard, you are better off buying a controller card to use with a drive larger than 137gb.

The bigger problem is probably that the PC's bios doesn't support IDE hard drives larger that that.

I would say that Slackware 9.1, Fedora Core 1, or Mandrake 9.2 would have the best chance of working ... but only IF the BIOS of the PC (or the controller card) sees the full hard drive size.

Debian unstable or Gentoo 1.4 with the gentoo-test-sources kernel (2.4.21)
My bios dont see that full size of the drive. What controleers can i use to use it all? If i repartition to below the 137 boundry n leave rest raw it'll b fine wont it?
You could try to update the PC's BIOS from the company's website ... some bios updates add lba48 support for some PC's, others don't.

This Card should work with all new linux distros (although you may have to recompile the kernel and compile the driver directly into the kernel vice loading it as a module.

Even if you make 2 partitions, you may not be able to see the part that is > 137gb until after you get lba48 support.
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