I need some help. I am new to Linux and I don't know how to configure my network to have printer sharing. On this box I am currently running WinXP, RedHat9, and Mandrake 9.1. I know that is a lot but I want to see what flavors of Linux I like while still having that connection to the majority of the rest of the world. My question is, my dad is using XP on his computer and since I mainly switch between Redhat and Mandrake I would like to know how to configure the print server in Linux (I think it is Samba) to share my printer in my room (hooked to my box) with my dad's computer. I was messing around in Samba and it does recognize my dad's computer so I am not totally sure that the problem I have is lack of knowledge in LInux (but I'm sure it doesn't help) but I think the problem is with Windows recognizing my Linux box as a server. If there is anyone that could help my I would appreciate it greatly.