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I'm a snowbird in florida. Last spring I installed RH9 in florida. Then promptly left for Wisconsin. I installed RH9 in Wisconsin w/ the aid of my notes from Florida (also had my password noted in them) When I returned to Florida, didn't bring the notes, and now can not remember my password. Is there any way to work around it or do I need to reinstall my system?
Also have another problem. I recently installed Windows XP in a separate partition. (I now have 3, windows ME, Linux & XP) The windows XP placed a boot loader in that only asks for Windows ME or XP, not Linux. How can I get Linux back in the list.
Any help will be appreciated. I am still a Linux novice, so keep it simple.
Thanks dry.gif
To add Linux to your WinXP boot menu, use bootpart when booted into WinXP. Here are instructions. You will need to make the Linux boot partition bootable (below) while fixing your password...
If you have the RH9 CD, boot from the CD and type linux rescue.

Pick your language and keyboard type. You don't need to start the network interface (if asked).

When asked to search for previous RedHat installations, select Continue. You should get your system mounted in /mnt/sysimage ...

Now go to the command prompt, and type the command:

chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash

now type the command:
passwd root

and enter a new password

NOW you need to make your Linux Partion bootable (since you are using bootpart) ... type the command:

fdisk /dev/hda

now use the option p to see the partition table ... and if partition 1 is not bootable, the use the a option to toggle a bootable flag and select partition 1 ... then do p to see that a * is now beside partiton 1 ... then do the command w to write and exit fdisk. You should now be back at the command prompt.

Type the comand exit and then press the enter key (to exit the chroot environment) then type the command exit again to reboot the computer.

Take out the CD, boot normally. You should now be able to login as root with the new password.
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