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Full Version: Rh 5.2 Install Prob
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I'm installing Red Hat Linux 5.2 on a Compaq Deskpro 2000 with a Pentium 200 and 98 MB of RAM. I'm very good in M$ Windows but new to Linux. I have been thru the install up to and including X window system. The mouse is configured as a generic 2 button mouse using mouseconfig. When I get into X, the mouse only moves on the horizontal axis and I can't click on anything. I have tried 2 different mice and rebooted each time I changed it. One was a M$ PS/2 Compatible and the other was a no name PS/2 mouse. I have tried several different selections in mouseconfig.
Red Hat 5.2 is no longer supported, it is very old and should not be used. The whole 5.x series was full of bugs.
I agree with Joey...RH 5.x series is to hard to run compared to newer Distros, and RedHat 7.3 should install OK on that machine (with your hardware).

RH7.3 becomes unsupported after 12/31/03 ... but there are current places (like that will continue to provide programs for RH7.3. RH7.3 is what I would can get it here:

Then pick a location close to you and click the Distribution link...then go to :


You these discs to do an install:

You can also get RH7.3 using bittorrent if you have it installed....(I love bittorrent, I normally max out my download speed with it, it only took 1hr 43mins to download all 3 Fedora Core discs!):

download valhalla-i386-disc1.iso, valhalla-i386-disc2.iso, valhalla-i386-disc3.iso
Thanks, that sounds much better!
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