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I have recetly formatted my server, and reloaded Linux 7.2 and all user info. The system is running well, and is receiving my mail. I cannot seem to get my Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 to connect and get or send mail. It keeps siting an error about not being able to connect to the server. I also use Qmail. I am new to this, and do not know where to start. If you could please help with some options of what to do or what to check as potential problems, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
I don't use qmail ... (although it looks like a good program) ... so I am just making suggestions from the manuals. I can probably install it on a test machine (to duplicate the errors) if we can't figure it out like this.

The first thing I noticed is that there are 2 seperate programs that need to be installed and configured.

The first program is qmail, it is the SMTP part of the server (SMTP is how the server exchanges e-mail with other servers and how you send mail (with your client) to the qmail server). If you are recieving mail, at then you have got the hardest part of the setup correct (a domain name that points to the correct server, port 25 open on the firewall of the machine, and all the domain name info correct for the server in the config files).

It looks like the relaying is not properly configured, because your outlook client is not sending mail (assuming you have your address from this server listed as your from address in your outlook client).

Here is some more info on relaying.

You should fix this problem before you go on the the POP3 issue...
The second program that need to be configured is qmail-pop3d. It provides the POP3 server for qmail (there are other POP3 servers you can use...they are sections 5.2.2 thru 5.2.8 in the qmail-pop3d link above). If you also need IMAP support (as well as POP3 support) then you should probably use Binc IMAP in conjuction with qmail-pop3d.
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