I'm running Mandrake 9.2 and KDE and I was having problems with my CD-Writer (my whole computer would crash whenever it got to 39%, but that's not important now) so I decided to run the Mandrake update tool and download all the latest bugfixes, security updates etc. I selected evey update (about 30 in total) and installed them all. The problem is that the next time I booted into KDE a load of my programs were missing, or at least the shortcuts in the K-menu were. I can no longer find Konqueror to browse my files, KIIID has gone missing so I can't burn any CDs and most importantly I can't find any of the configuration options anymore. The only items left in the configuration menu are Floppy formatter, Kflopppy and Change password.

Is there anyway to undo some (or all) of the updates so that I can use all my programs again?