FINALLY was able to get Linux to recogonize my USB Flash drive. The only issue is it will work under root until I reboot, then mysteriously deletes all changes (i.e fstab entry and /mnt/usbdrive folder) Personal acct doesn't even see the drive or changes made to /mnt dir or fstab file. I tried changing permissions, but I don't understand well enough. Does not show up under Drive Mgmt in personal acct....only root....until I reboot that is???Also Java only works with Galeon and Mozilla in root acct. I know this too is permission based, but again I have tried changing things, but when I execute java page in personal acct...browser crashes and closes. It SEEs the plugin from personal acct if I check the ABOUT PLUGINS tab, but when try to go to java-vm based page it crashes and closes????? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!