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Full Version: Whom Do You Listen?
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Well this is not related to GNU/Linux in anyway...But i just wanted to know to whom the hackers are listening....It has been a comman practise for all programmers/System administrators to listen to thier favourite singer while programming or doing something else..

It might have been a Poll but i prefer it in this way...

Well to begin with..I am a fanatic of Rock(as of GNU/Linux)...and my favourites are...
1.Pink Floyd
3.Eric clapton
4.Sometimes Bryan Adams
5.Bob dylan

Try to be brief(tough but try....)
No laughing biggrin.gif

I sometimes listen to the BeeGees (especially their stuff prior to 1975).

I also listen to Apologetix, Rebecca St. James, and Newsboys.
My listening habbits:

1) Hayden (Folk rock)
2) Sloan (Alternative maybe?)
3) Gray (electronica, a friend of mine from home)
4) Audioslave (Alternative maybe?)
5) Rage Against The Machine (Alternative? Metal? I dunno)

That's about it right now, i go through moods time to time.
For the love of god....
Listen to Fugazi
Listen to Shellac
Listen to Drive Like Jehu
Listen to John Coltrane
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