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I want to remotely access my Home PC which is running Linux from a Windows machine at at school. Could you please tell me how to do this with a lot of detail please.
What type of access do you want?
First type of Access is via a command prompt (including downloading of files). If this meets your requirements then you need an SSH client program on the windows machine (like SecureShell 3.2(evaluation) or F-Secure SSH Client). The SSH2 protocol is recommended over SSH1 only solutions because SSH1 is much less secure.

There are also freeware versions like PuTTY together with iXplorer (uses SSH2)...WinSCP together with PuTTY (uses SSH2)...TeraTerm together with TTSSH(this uses protocol ssh1 not ssh2, so it's less secure).

You only need SSHD setup on your home machine and you need to know your IP home address to put into the client at school. You will also need to adjust your iptables to allow incoming SSH (how you do it depends on what ditro/version of Linux you are using).
Another type of access is desktop control. You login and take control of the Linux desktop from the remote site ... with some of these you can also transfer files ... but mostly you control the home machine as if you were on it's console. This would be good to do updates on your home computer while at school, etc.

VNC is one way to do that (the easiest way...and it's free) ... or a graphical X client for windows like Hummingbird Exceed 9.0, StarNet X-Win32, WinaXe Plus, Xmanager, Reflection X, Omni-X, XSecure
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