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hey all im new to these forums and unfortunatly linux too heh
i got the powerpack version of mandrakelinux 9.1 offa ebay from one of the companys and when i install it everything installs fine with no errors or anything(i format the harddrive so nothing is on the system except linux)

but after it is done installing and it sais to restart the computer i take the cd out and restart like it sais to. but after it restarts the PC goes through the system check like normal then goes to the bootloader where i select the "linux" option over the other three, "linux-nonfb" "failsafe" "floppy" then the screen goes black like its loading but it just stays black... the computer doesnt lock up because i can still activate/deactivate the numlock capslock and scrolllock. when i push cntrl-alt-del it just restarts and does the same thing over again. Can neone please help me

ive gone to the mandrakelinux site and they wont help at all
Sounds like the video mode of your bootloader is not compatible with your video card. Try to select "failsafe" from the bootloader, that should boot you in without using the fancy framebuffer. What is your video card?
i tryed failsafe and all it did was display BIOS check complete and wouldnt do anything after that

my specs are (best i can tell without installing windows to find out)

40 gig HD
smsung 17 in monitor
SB live sound card
NVidia Gforce4 MX (?) i think its an mx im not sure its a 64 mb card
standart 10/100 network card but no network is hooked up to it
um 64mb ram i think (maybe 125 cant remember)
oh and a AMD duron 900 mhz procesor

tahts all i can figure out without being able to start it up sad.gif
I can't boot my test machine with mandrake right now (I'm updating gentoo on that machine right now)... but is there an options box on the kernel select screen.

If so, type the following:


That should boot you into runlevel 3 (character based mode). If that works, you can change the graphics driver and monitor scan rates in the file /etc/X11/XF86Config.

Your driver should be nv.

You should lookup the scan rates and update those as well in the XF86Config file.
wats the kernel select? the bootloader? if thats it then no there is no options screen
Yes, the boot loader. Did you use LILO or GRUB as your bootloader?
I looked at my mandrake 9.1 install and if you are using the graphical LILO bootloader then when you get to the bootloader screen, press the Esc button and then type linux 3 and see if it boots to runlevel 3 (character based mode).

If that doesn't work reboot, press Esc at the boot loader, and and try the command:

linux-nonfb 1

(the character at the end is a one, not a lowercase L)

If you can get in to the command prompt using one of these methods {if you can't get to the command prompt, skip the XF86Config stuff to the next section...the problem is probably lilo or install related}, the /etc/X11/XF86Config file is probably not setup with the proper Monitor or Video Card ... the video driver should be nv and make sure your monitor's HorizSync and VertRefresh are set correctly (check the monitor specs online).
If that doesn't work, there is something else (other than a graphics issue) wrong with the install. I would recommend booting with CD 1 (install disk) and selecting F1 - More Options ...

then type linux rescue and wait for the rescue menu.

I would try a reinstall boot loader and reboot (remove the CD and boot from lilo)
... if that doesn't work, then reboot with CD1 do linux rescue again ... and:

Select Mount your partitons under /mnt

After back in the GUI select Go to console

type the command chroot /mnt

use the command /sbin/lilo

type exit

type umount /mnt/home

type umount /mnt

type reboot
If all this doesn't work, I would recommned a reinstall of mandrake....
ok thanks a bunch ill try that tomarro cause i just got me a queen bed and had to re arrange me room heh so my comp isnt hooked up...

and i think im using lilo cause its graphical
hugh sad.gif i dont mean to be a pest heh but um.... it didnt work lol

ps ive reinstalled and done that many times just to be sure... it still doesnt work
try this at the boot loader prompt:

linux noapic acpi=off 3

or this:

linux-nonfb noapic acpi=off 3
nope dont work... when i do the first one hte same thing happens as b4, the black screen....
when i do the second one it sais loading

BIOS DATA check suscessfull

then it just stays like that

i think im about to give up on this heh
if you cant help me get this fixed then i guess im screwed lol so i gots another question

when i try to install win 98 back on i have to format the drive it sais but then it sais there is an error reading the c drive (local disk) so i cant install windows either.... how can i install windows and get linux totaly off the system?
is anyone gonna help me?

If you want to get rid of everything and start over just wipe your hard drive. If you have the cdrom that came with the HD boot off of that and there should be some kind of option like "write all zeros to drive." Or you can probably clear it by manipulating the jumpers on the drive itself.
I had similar problems w/ mandrake install and I have the same vid card as you (geforce4 mx440se 64mb). I could never get it set up right so I decided to try red hat 9 and it installed perfectly, detected the correct vid card, and it works great.
good luck
The easiest way (at least for me) to get rid of linus is to boot to the linux CD and go to recue mode. Go to the console and run:

fdisk /dev/hda

then press m for the menu ... p to print the partition table ... then use d to remove all the partitons to wipe linux off the drive.

The w to write and quit.

Reboot with the windows CD and you should be in business.
thanks a bunch guys... ima gonna reinstall windows then i will try linux again but leaving windows on it
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