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Full Version: Display Problem
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Before in my linux machine I'm using LG FLATRON 21 inch monitor, and now I change my monitor to ACER 15 inch. Now the problem is there is no display. So can anyone help me ASAP??? And note I'm beginner linux user.
Same probs here

I loaded the wrong vid card driver and now my screen goes multi color and I cant see nothing

Is there a softboot command like windows XP has F8

of is there a command I can enter to change my old display driver

Ctrl Alt -/+ dont work for me

The way to boot to character mode (which is what you both need to do) is Linux Distrubution specific ... so in order to give you instructions, I would need to know what distrubution of Linux you are using (ie, RedHat 9, slackware 9.1, Mandrake 8.0, gentoo, debian sid, etc...)...
I'm using debian
You need to find the vertical and horizontal scan rates fro your new monitor ... and have them available.
Are you using LILO or GRUB as your bootloader?

LILO is the default ... so here is how to boot to runlevel 1 (as root)...

select the kernel you boot from with the arrow keys, you will see it's name at the bottom of the box ... press the space bar and then 1 to boot to single user mode. you may be asked for the root users password...

If you get to the command prompt, then go to the file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 (or XF86Config if XF86Config-4 doesn't exist) and change the values of :

HorizSync xx.0 - xx.0
VertRefresh xx.0 - xx.0

To the values of your new monitor ... assuming your video card is still the same, you shoul dnow be able to boot...
I am using red hat 8, I accidentally set the display to 1024x768, my laptop apparently can't handle that. All I get when I turn it on is about a thousand little lines going vertically on the screen. Can I fix it, or did I mess it up too bad?
Easy to fix ....

Boot to character based mode by:
1. Selecting the kernel you normally boot from in the Bootloader screen...but instead press [e] to edit the kernel line ... then actually select the line that has kernel and press e again ...then at the end of the line add a space by pressing the space bar and the number 3 {so xxxxxx would become xxxxxx 3}.
Login as the user named root.

edit the file /etc/X11/XF86Config (I use the program vi ... you may choose another character based editor).

You want to remove any 1024x768's you see in the display section and replace them with 800x600.

when you are finished, save the file and type the command startx .... if X-Windows starts OK, log out and reboot and you should be back to normal.
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