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Full Version: Problems Reading A Fat Partition
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Well I've been using RedHat for a few years now, in fact I recentally upgraded to RH9 and I like it pretty well. But my problem comes from my partition that I store all of my music and videos and other fun stuff on. Recentally *after windows crashed and had to be reinstalled* it stoped being picked up in Linux. It reads fine in Winblowz until I try to scandisk it, it Gives and error like "ScanDisk cannot scan the drive, either it needs to be formatted or some utility has locked it." sad.gif I have 2 fat 32 partitions on 2 drives /mnt/drive0 and /mnt/drive1 only drive1 is not responding in linux, I did dosfsck and it reported some minor errors but I still couldn't see anything in the partition *It mounts*. Even stranger it reports that it has 1.15Tb and 0 Mb free but it is actually only a ~75gig part with less than 2 free. The stuff on it is important and TOO much to burn, If i can't save it I'll just have to wait till I get my DVD-R drive and burn it then. If anyone can help I'd appericate it.
Since it is a FAT32 DRIVE, If you have (or can get) Norton SystemWorks 2004 (for Windows), I would recommend you load it and do a scan of the drive in question. If it can be repaired, systemworks should be able to do it.

Other programs (like partition Magic) may also be able to anayze and fix the partition...
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