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Full Version: Realtek Nic Problem With Linux
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Okay: Spec first:

Dual Boot W2K / SuSE 8.2
NIC = 2x Realtek 8139 (1 PCI, 1 integrated M/B )
Wireless Router (Linksys WRT54G) as Home DHCP server
Cable Modem - Motorola 4200 SurfBoard (forwards DHCP from ISP)

Basically, problem is that under SuSE, I cannot see the outside world.
Under W2K, ISP provide DHCP address, through cable modem, to external port of W. Router. W. Router then NAT's and gives home devices relevant IP address (no fancy MAC reservations etc are installed on router).

Under Linux, Bootstrap loads 8139 x2 no problem. I get DHCP address from Router, no problem. Under YAST2--> Network Basics, I have the DNS server information automatically provided by DHCP - and is correct. Default gateway is set to internal IP of Router (as in windows).

I can access the router's config page (web-config page on port 80). and change, edit configs etc. However, it appears that no packets get any further (have tried ping / traceroute to both hostname and IP of external addresses.)

If ANYONE has any info about this... please let me know. My intial thoughts are that as I get DHCP, and I can ping and get to the router, DHCP must be correctly working. I have eliminated DNS as a problem based on the fact that I have log onto router by hostname too. There are really only 2 thoughts that I currently have, and am not sure how to test it: MTU of linux is by default larger than windows - maybe router restricts max MTU size...? OR Realtek driver is somehow not functioning correctly.

The mtu is probably 1500 for both windows and linux .... at least it should be.

try doing a the command traceroute -n and after that the command traceroute -n

the output should look similar to this:
[jrh@localhost jrh]# traceroute -n
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1  0.335 ms  0.226 ms  0.222 ms
2  9.915 ms  19.283 ms  16.566 ms
3  10.535 ms  22.723 ms  10.346 ms
4  19.525 ms  9.907 ms  17.885 ms
5  32.053 ms  14.774 ms  29.929 ms
6  21.872 ms  23.158 ms  15.533 ms
7  21.368 ms  22.944 ms  14.527 ms
8  22.401 ms  22.917 ms  14.850 ms
9  35.074 ms  21.782 ms  21.377 ms
10  36.657 ms  22.513 ms  20.309 ms
11  36.999 ms  21.106 ms  21.700 ms
12  37.023 ms  20.069 ms  21.053 ms
13  53.936 ms  53.506 ms  52.009 ms
14  54.430 ms  53.303 ms  60.809 ms
15  53.919 ms  56.015 ms  53.964 ms
16  55.802 ms  54.525 ms  54.374 ms
17  64.263 ms  54.314 ms  54.511 ms

If you are getting info from past your router on the IP address, but not the name, then something is wrong with either your iptables firewall or your DNS setup...if you get no response from either, it could be a iptables firewall issue on the SUSE iptables script or a problem with the router (it might not like the same IP address and mac address associated with 2 different hostnames, for example...).

To eliminated iptables as a cause, use the command /etc/init.d/iptables stop and try the traceroutes again...
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