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Full Version: Help Newbie With Debian
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I have Debian Linux installed on a Dell laptop. I downloaded some video driver files with Windows and saved them to a cdrom. They are tar.gz type. How can I load those files from the cd with Debian and install them?
I have copied the files from the cdrom. I have decompressed and extracted them. I'm not sure how to configure or install them. They are driver files for an ATI radeon mobile 7500 video card.
There should be step by step instructions in a file named either readme or install included with the download, usually in the top directory after you untared the file. While all program compiling is similar, each is different.

If you post the link that you used to download the file (or the exact make/model of your laptop), I'll download the file and see if I can help you more. Do you have Woody (stable), Sarge (testing), or Sid (unstable) version of debian on your laptop?
I'm using woody version on a Dell Inspiron 4150. I read somewhere I needed ATI-4.3.0-10.i386.tar.gz and drm-kernel-1.100.0-10.tar.gz to get Xwindow system to work. Where do I need to copy, extract these files to? And how do I configure them? Or is this what even what I need? I can't find where I got the files from now.
Debian Woody (if not using a back ported version of XFree86) uses XFree86 version 4.1.0 ... the driver you dowloaded is for xfree 4.3.0 ... so it won't work.

The latest official kernel version for Woody is 2.4.18 as well ... and on the Inspiron 4150, you would need to use a agpgart patch and rebuild the kernel to get glx or dri (that is any 3D type graphics) to work with XFree86.

I would recommend instead that you follow the directions here to install Debian Sarge to the laptop instead. If you use a 2.4.22 kernel you won't need to add the agpgart patch ... There are several other documented installs HERE for the Inspiron 4150.

duende is the debian expert though ... I would see what he has to say first before taking any action....
Appreciate the help. Learning a little everyday.
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