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Full Version: Restricting Access To Partitions
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Is there a way as the system admin to block access to a partition (NTFS)? Because I have a dual boot with Windows XP and everyone in my house has their own partition with "My Documents" on it. And we want to keep it private...

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I don't see a way that you can prevent access to parts of the ntfs drive if it is mounted by linux ... you would be able to go anywhere on the mounted drive ... including any place in the Documents and Settings directory.

If you don't need access to the NTFS partitions via Linux, you can recompile the kernel taking out NTFS Filesystem support...
the kernel shouldnt have any support for ntfs anyway because of some kind of legal issues....if not...
just dont mount the ntfs drive in linux...or only mount
the drive when you want access then just unmount it
I don't know a whole lot about this, so I'm probably talkin crap. But on my machine I can only access my NTFS partition while in root.
which sucks for me because all my music and whatnot is on my NTFS drive, but I need to run things as root to even view the NTFS drives.
chrisw ...

RedHat doesn't compile NTFS support into the kernel by default ... but it is a selection in the kernel config file.

Some distributions do compile in ntfs support in the default kernels, others don't.

How you can tell if ntfs module support is compiled into your kernel is use the command modinfo ntfs ...
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