I have a AHA-2940 U2W card supporting SCSI HD drives. I want to add a AHA-3944AUWD card for a SONY AIT1 tape drive. The 3944 card has two channels (A & cool.gif. I have the 2940 on SCSI ID 7. The 3944 card has SCSI ID 0 and 7. I can not boot the system with both cards in the computer. The kernel crashes after listing the three SCSI channels. I have tried to turn off one of the channels but I could not find any option in the SCSI utility. I do not know if this is important, I read on Adaptec's site something about multiple LUN's. I do not know what a LUN is or if it has anything to do with this issue. OS is RH Linux 9.0. Is there anyway to have two SCSI cards in the same RH Linux Computer with more than 2 channels?

Thanks for your help,