I recently installed my 30 GB hard drive into my computer, and i split it in half, making one partition of 15 GB for windows XP. . . I installed XP, everything was fine. I then installed Red Hat Linux 9 in the remaining 15 GB. My friend told me grub would not work properly because XP is dominating and stuff, so i did what he said to configure the NT Bootloader to load linux. . . I went the the process of puting the linux.bin file underneith my c:/ directory, and adding the "line" to my boot.ini file. When i rebooted my computer the NT bootloader appeared, and i click on "Red Hat Linux 9" and the next thing i see is "Grub geom error". The computer halts. How can i fix this problem, because it is rather annoying and i dont feel like going through the inconvienience of using a boot diskette every time i want to boot linux.