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Full Version: Windows Software Yet Again
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I bet that this is asked about a thousand times but I could not find an answer in the FAQ section.

Can I run Windows Programs on Linux?

I found the following quote on a web site.

Linux has a free X Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), similar to Microsoft Windows which allows most X Based programs to run under Linux without any modification. Windows programs can run inside of X-Windows with the help of an emulator called WINE. Usually, Windows programs can run up to 10 times faster, due to Linux' buffering capabilities!

Does this mean that I can run word and excel etc?
Not to mention my CD burning software?
If you obtain the program CrossOver Office you can run Some versions of office. I use Cross-over office, but IMHO, Office XP is more stable on Windows XP ...

The CD Burning software won't work correctly ... most anything that needs to any real hardware calls except reading and writing to hard drive don't work worth squat...

Some people are doing it, but I don't recommend running anything form windows on Linux unless you can afford for it data to disappear...

Just my opinion... laugh.gif
Wine is useful in some circumstances, but it's not gaurenteed to work. Wine is still in it's alpha stage of development (and will probably never move into beta).

WineX (from is useful for getting Windows games running in linux. Thus far, I have been able to play Half Life, Jedi Academy, Elite Force and Delta Force-Black Hawk Down working through Winex, your milage may differ.

Your best bet is to search for an alternate program that is native to linux, especially if you're doing anything essential. You can't trust running the Windows API in linux, it's not very reliable.

In my opinion, there shouldn't be anything that you need windows for (except probably games), for almost every useful app in windows, there's an equal or better app for linux that does the same job 90% of the time.
Does Icy Tower work under WINE?
I've never even heard of that application before. I did a search on WineHQ's , and there seems to be no match, so your best bet is to try it yourself.
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