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Full Version: Very New Newbie
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ok, im sure im going to get laughed at for this, but i need to learn!!!

Im already building sites using html/php/mysql etc.

Ive been used to running windows (xp) with an install of apache2, mysql3.23 and php4.3.3...

I have recently moved over to mandrake 9.1 - which i think is pretty great (no more MS for me...) - im having a bit of silly trouble::

I'm trying to set up an environment to develop and build websites, what i have done so far is this:

I set up a public_html directory in my 'home/stuart/' directory - which i can then create php scripts no problem , all gets parsed and serverd correctly. i have even dropped a copy of phpMyAdmin in my '/home/stuart/public_html/' folder - which allows me to create databases, tables, users etc. BUT:

upon the php script trying to access mysql, i get rejected, not allowed. I beleive this is because of the way i have set things up...

I beleive this to be the ideal set up:

for me to create the sites in '/home/stuart/public_html/' and then use FTP to pop them over to the '/var/www/' directory - after setting up all the relevant permissions etc... then i will be able to go to http://localhost to see my site. (as opposed to localhost/~stuart/particular-site/).

please help, this is sending me insane - i do not want to have to log in as root everytime to do stuff like this, i want to give the user 'stuart' all the necessary permissions to ftp to the /var/www/ folder and to access mysql with no problems...

im sure there must be an article dedicated to this? if anyone can give me help, it would be most appreciated!!

Stuart ((
What is the exact error you are receiving from mySQL

If you want stuart to have read/write/excute permissions on /var/www then simply change them. Information on how to change permissions can be found in our newbies page.
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