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Full Version: Nvidia Graphic Card Issues
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Bare w/me, I'm new to linux and am doing my best to learn...

Just got RH 9 installed and I'm having trouble installing the nVidia drivers for my Geforce4 ti4200 card.

I've searched these forums and found some help, but still can't figure it out.

After I downloaded the driver ( I rebooted into console mode by editing etc/inittab. I then proceeded to install the driver. As soon as it starts installing I get this error message:

No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel, do you want the installer to download one from nvidia's ftp site?

It tries to download the kernel interface, doesn't work. It then tries to compile a kernel interace for me, doesn't work. Installation fails. :-(

So I guess I need to compile a kernel interface for nvidia? Can someone help please?

Thanks in advance.
I downloaded this file from the nvidia ftp site:


It seems to be what I need. Yes/No?

What do I do w/it?
you need to install (or make sure you have) the following packages:


You can see if you have the packages installed with this command:

rpm -qa gcc kernel-source

If either are not listed, install via Menu - System Settings - Add/Remove Applications.

Try reinstalling the driver after these are installed.
Thanks hugh!

Your advice essentially fixed my problem.
I have the same problem with Debian. Do I need the same packages? If so how can obtain them for Debian?

Debian 2.4.18
XFree86 4.3
NVIDIA Geforce2
Yes ... you need gcc and the kernel-source as well ...

with debian you can use the command:

apt-get install gcc kernel-source

(make sure you get the kernel souce for 2.4.18).
I installed the kernel-source for 2.4.18. Still get the same problem with the NVIDIA driver (No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel). It says something about unable to find kernel header files for the currently running kernel. And if I know the kernel header files are installed to specify the path. I'm not sure how to go about this. Thanks for any and all help.
If the installer must compile the kernel interface, then you must install
the kernel-sources package for your kernel.

[1] NOTE: installation requires that you have a linker installed.
The linker, usually '/usr/bin/ld', is part of the binutils package;
please be sure you have this package installed prior to installing the
NVIDIA driver.

This is part of the README for the NVIDIA driver. Do I need this? If so how do I go about setting it up?
in debian, if you are using SID, you can install the latest NVIDIA drivers with this command:

apt-get nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-glx

(BTW, the xfree for debian Sid and Sarge xfree is 4.2.1 ... are you sure you have 4.3?)
(that also should work for debian Sarge ... it won't work for debian Woody...)
Ok. I'm starting fresh now.
Debian 3.0 Woody
kernel 2.4
xfree86 4.1

Dell Dimension 8200
NVIDIA Geforce2

Graphics mode will not run. Type startx from the shell. Says something about the NVIDIA Geforce2 chipset. Also I see one line saying - EE screen(s) found but no usable configuration. Then it says fatal error no screens found. Do I need the latest driver? Thanks.
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