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Full Version: Migrating To Linux?
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Yet another Newbie. I know very little about Linux.

I have a large business application that is written primarily in Foxpro for DOS. (ver 2.0). I currently run it under Windows 95 and am looking at ways to upgrade/migrate to another operating system. I was told that because it is a DOS based program it could easily be converted to Linux.

I know nothing is easy, but would like some feedback from knowledgable Linux users about the prospects.

Thanks for your help.

Lost and confused! unsure.gif
Do you have the source code for the application that is written in foxpro? What is it written with (maybe clipper)? The program Codebase can be used to convert Clipper / foxbase / DBF files and code to C++...if you have clipper experience, you could probably convert your code without to much trouble.

If you don't have the source code, it is certianly possible to run DOS based programs using winex on Linux ... but I wouldn't move any Business apps over until you (or whomever runs your computers for business if it is not you) know how to use Linux well first.

I would recomend a test machine to see if the application runs...
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