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Full Version: How To Unistall Linux
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How can you uninstall mandrake linux 9.0 cause i want to put another distrobution of linux on.
don't uninstall it... just format it. what distro do you plan to go to? Some, like Mandrake and RedHat, have disk partitioning tools and will actually let you format/resize the partitions graphically.

- Tatusmi
Most, if not all, Linux distributiosn come with partitioning tools such as disk druid, fdisk and cfdisk. When you set up your partitioning scheme for your next installation, 99 times out of 100 the installer will automagically format your / partition before installing anything on it. If you have seperate partitions for /home , etc, then most installers will spare the data on those drives, so you would have to manually tell the installer to format them.
Careful, if you have more then one OS, make sure you keep the boot partition. Either that or be ready for some MBR (Master Boot Record) fun.

Just had a friend remove linux from his work pc, and lost his boot partion, and he is a windows user. Trying to get to a command window in Win2k is a b*tch without a boot disk. But finally with an install cd and the fixmbr, it works. Just a 2 second warning :>
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