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Full Version: Strange File In /root
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I have a very large file showing up in my /root directory in RedHat 9. The file is "-X" and takes up 2 to 3.5 GB at times and keeps coming back after deletion. Has anyone heard of this before?

I haven't heard of this before and can't seem to find any information on it by doing a google search. I run Red Hat 9 on a few different boxes and have never had this problem.

Any idea what is in the file? How long does it take to get up to the 2 gig size?
I don't know what is in the file. I can't find a way to read might be gzipped or something. I'll try harder to get into it next time it shows up.

As far as the time it takes to get up to the 2 gig size...I'm not exactly sure. The problem started 2 days ago (october 20th), thats when root got a low disk space warning, and it has come back 3 or 4 times since then. It seems that it is just taking up whatever space is left on the / partition.
Is it a text file or binary?

I would delete it, keep looking for it and check your cron when it is created.

I have also never seen anything like this...
ok everybody....thanks for the help......but i figured it out. There was a problem with a cron job and a lot of junk was just getting dumped to /root.
thanks though
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