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Full Version: Partitioning Trouble
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When i try to install red hat linux 9 i get an error message stating "error enabling swap device hda3: invalid argument This most likely means this swap partition has not been initialized. Press OK to reboot your system." I was wondering what is causing this error to appear and how I can correct it so that linux will install?
Explain how you are trying to partition the drive.
i select for it to automatically partition my drive and to remove all old partitions from my drive.
This is probably going to be pretty complicated if you're new to linux. What you're going to have to do is go in and make your own partitions outside of the install. You should be able to boot up into a standard console from the CD, if not you're going to have to make a boot disk. If you need help with that, respond back. Once you're into a console, you can use cfdisk, which is pretty self-explanatory, to set up your partitions. Again, if you don't know what kinds or sizes you need, respond back with the size of your HD. After the your going to format your regular partitions using the mke2fs program. For your swap partition (which you had trouble with before) you're going to want a decent amount. The rule of thumb is twice the amount of ram you have, although I've found that's almost too much. Once you have that partition set up, format it using mkswap. Sorry I don't have time to go into a lot of detail right now, but I'm sure the friendly administrators in this forum can help. Regards,

another option is to try to do the partitions manually via disk druid...

You need a minumum of 2 partitons (root and swap).

The above picture shows the disk druid window ... select all current partitions in the bottom and press the delete button to remove them.

Then press the new button, and you will see the following window:

For the swap partiton, select swap for File System Type. In the Additional Size Options select Fixed Size. Type 512 in the Size(MB) block and check your hard drive (probably hda) in Allowable Drives.

Press the new button again, and do this for the root partition:

Select ext3 for the File System Type. Select / in the Mount Point block. Select Fill to maximum allowable size in the Additional Size Options block. Check your hard drive (probably hda) in Allowable Drives.
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