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Full Version: Dual Boot: Redhat 8.0/windowsxp Pro
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hey guys... I'm not completely new to linux... I've used Mandrake 8 and I've even had 9 on this computer... and I'm running Debian 3 on my server but RedHat 8 is stumping me (I've used earlier versions of redhat).

Anyways here's the thing... I wanna dual boot this comp (40gb hd) with windows xp and redhat 8. I want windows to have 30gb and linux to have 10gb. I had no problems doing this with Mandrake 9... but redhat 8 just won't work!

My partitioning scheme is this: WinXP (30gb) then Linux swap (300mb) then the remaining space (approx 8gb) for RedHat. LILO will be installed in the MBR. This scheme workes fine for mandrake 9. no problems at all...

1st attempt: tried the same partitions with redhat and then my comp wouldn't boot at all... it'd get to a point where it'd try to load LILO and it would come up with "L" then keep echoing "99" I had to reinstall mandrake to get lilo to boot so I could get back into xp and research...

2nd attempt: reinstalled redhat and configured the extended boot loader options... made sure lilo was in the MBR... I also ran fdisk /mbr before installing this time to make sure it was clean of all previous versions of lilo (from mandrake)... install went like a charm.. reboots... and xp loads. lilo didn't even attempt to take control.

I'm stumped. any input would be appreciated because RedHat uses an older kernel (for my drivers) and has an apt-get like feature that I love from Debian... I really want redhat!!

- Tatusmi
Make sure your / partition is bootable, AND the windows partition. Then install LILO on the MBR. Try that, if it doesn't work paste your lilo.conf stripped down here. (No comments!)

I have a similar setup here, 40GB HDD, win2k pro on first 20GB, Debian Linux unstable in the second 20GB, I have for more partitions then you though wink.gif
QUOTE (styker @ Nov 2 2002, 08:07 PM)
Make sure your / partition is bootable, AND the windows partition.

how can I tell if they're both bootable? what is your partitioning scheme?

- Tatusmi
alright... I've made several more attempts to get redhat 8 to boot... still nothing.. I've tried both GRUB and LILO on the MBR. I then thought of using BootMagic, and checked to see if PartitionMagic 8 came with it... it doesn't, but it has this thing called pqboot and it said windows was bootable but linux was not... how can I make it bootable?

- Tatusmi
hrmm, i didnt encounter this problem, (using dual boot) since my genius friend was able to help config most of linux anyway, perhaps in windows, using Partition Magic you can mark the linux partition as active or smthn, god, i wish i knew what i was talking about tongue.gif good luck
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