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Full Version: Can I Rely On Linux?
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Recently it so happened that i installed a software Rational ClearCase LT Server on my windowsXP system and it asked "shall i restart" I said Ok. And lo it never happened! It shows the login screen, i login and it restarts again. I wonder what could be the problem. At least there was no way i could get to the command prompt.

Can i expect that such a thing never happens in linux and that "there is a solution to every problem"?

Thank you and regards.
It is possible, with any software install on any platform, that there is a problem with that software. Bad software can cause any OS to crash. Depending on the problem, you will have to take action to fix it.

If you can use the products that come with a typical linux distro to meet your requirements (and not WineX or Crossover Office to emulate windows) then Linux is very stable... after it is set up properly.

The difference with linux is that unless you have a hardware failure (or you removed your hard drive partition), you can always boot (with a rescue disc or to runlevel 1) to a mode that doesn't run your startup stuff and troubleshoot/restore your system.

I think you can fix your windows XP by booting into Safe Mode and removing the software through add/remove programs. You can prevent your Windows XP from rebooting on a fault by going to the start menu, right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties ... then select the Advanced tab ... then uncheck the Automatic Restart in the System Failure section. You will still get the Blue Screen of Death, so you will still need to remove your the offending software...
If you are feed up with Windows and if you have 5-8 gb of free hard drive space on your PC, I would recommend you download and install either Mandrake 9.2 or RedHat 9.0 and see if it can meet your requirements...Rational ClearCase LT Server is an IBM product that should run on a Linux Machine.
This is an interesting question. From my experiences with Linux, then only time that I have ever had to reach down and press the reset button due to a lockup was something involving the X-server. I have a server that is running Debian 3.0, and I can say that I have never had the system lock up on me. Servers are great and reliable because most server admins are not constantly adding or removing software, so, the system stays pretty consistant and stable.
I have also never had Linux lockup or reboot except for a hardware failure or power issue (after proper setup ... sometimes X will hang if you test a bad mode). Every once in a while I will have to reboot (if I upgrade an X component or my kernel ... usually once a month on my workstation, much less frequently on Servers).

The only real question is can you accomplish what you need to do with a Linux machine. If you have special software that only runs on Windows then you may be stuck. I run Oracle on Linux ... it is great. Apache as a webserver is great. PostFix or Sendmail can be a mail server ... or if you need a better group mail solution you can use PostFix/sendmail in conjuction with

Linux is usable in the enterprise .... and I have used 2.4.9 thru 2.4.22 SMP Kernels on 2 way and 4 way P4 xeon servers with no real problems for samba Print servers, samba and nfs File servers, Database servers, Web Servers, etc. I use Linux on my work desktop with no issues (I surf, read e-mail, manage Unix servers, Manage Linux servers, manage oracle and use OpenOffice for documents ... if I need to manage Windows servers or users I use a Windows desktop...).
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