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Full Version: Stupid X Problems
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Hey ya'll,

I have an old computer I have tried to install a few distribiutions of linux on many times... And none of those times did "X" work! I have tried the most things I could think about (as a linux newbie) but nothing worked. I tried many Desktops too: KDE, Gnome, Ice WM and another one I forgot.

Can somebody please tell me what distro and version would work well on my computer?

Processor: Cyrix 6x86 200+ (150 MHz)
Memory: 96MB RAM
Video Card: Trident 9680 PCI (1 MB) I think the "server" name is TGUI9680-1
Screen: AOC Spectrum 7Glr
and the others probably won;t help you...

But all the time I got this server error sad.gif
That falls within the specs for using redhat 7.3 and (barely) redhat 8.0. I wouldn't install any RedHat older than 7.3 if you are going to connect the PC to the internet because of security concerns (7.3 currently has security patches being developed).

I think I would probably try Debian is harder to install, but is very stable and will have security updates for some time to come. It also has a 2.4 kernel and uses slightly older packages (that should use less resources and run a little faster on your machine). In order to install Debian Woody and the 2.4 kernel you need CD1 and CD5 ... boot from CD5. You can get the software here: ... download from the stable mirrors CD1 and CD5, then boot from CD5.

Reguardless of the install, this is going to be SLOW compared to modern PCs running linux.
Thanks... but it's currently running Windows 98 (which is supposed to be slower than linux) and it's actually not that slow.

I tried installing Red Hat 7.3 four times on it. (FTP and CD's) and some SuSe versions. It was all good except for X.

Do you really think Debian Woody would work on it right with the X and all? Because I don't wan't to wipe out my HD's again for nothing!

And I asked those Bozos at the many times for help and never even got a reply...
I haven't installed Linux on a Cyrix 6x86 processor before ... but debian says it will install on Cyrix 686 and Xfree86 says it supports the TGUI9680-1.

I can't make any promises, but it should work....
Bah.... I guess I'll try it as soon I have the time to do it. But it should of worked all the other times too.... I looked at the compaptibility lists. Everything worked and I even got to know lynx a little. But I guess it can't hurt trying again tongue.gif
Ok, I installed Debian this weekend (3 times) and didn't get crap out of X.... (as usual)

Then I saw this thing: "apt-get install x-window-system" After it WORKED!!!
But I can't do F*** all with it... sad.gif

The screen is way to zoomed in and zig-zaggy overlapped in a almost unreadable way. And some spots where I put my mouse the infamous X cursor appears.
The login dialogs (for: kde, gnome and xdm) are so big I can't even see where to enter my name.... And some of them (the kde one) goes "around" the screen if you know what I mean... (Goes off the right side and continues on the left)

I tried CTRL-ALT- + or - but none of it worked.

Any o ya'll know how I can fix this?
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