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Master Pimp
I installed Linux Red Hat 9 booted up Red Hat got to the setup bit like reg and all that so i put Sam Stevens(my Name) in as me user wouldnt have it cos of caps then i put sam stevens in it come up a error like auto did befor then skiped that bit so i got to the user bit when u login to Red Hat and it wont have my user i also regsterd on Red Hat site about a week ago too but thats got nuthing to do 1 my admin account has it ? plz help
usernames can't have spaces.... (or punctuation marks or other special characters ... only numbers and letters).

for the login name use something like sstevens, samstevens, stevens, or stevenss. In the Full Name bock you can put in Sam Stevens.

If you can login as root with X-Windows, use the selection Menu - System Settings - Users and Groups to add the new user.
Master Pimp
k thx m8 i remeber the root account i made but linux hard this is my first time i ever used linux i tryed changeingmy res but didnt work
Master Pimp
bump i need help i try to change my res cos my gfx is shit if i have full page i cant see the x to close stuff i think its my montor its unprobed lol
Yes, linux is a bit more complicated then windows. It will take time and reading the documentation will help alot. What steps did you try to change your resolution. What kind of graphics card and monitor do you have?

PS. This could be read by people all over the world whose working level of english is not as good as yours. So keep the instant messaging short hand to a minimium.
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