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Full Version: Wireless Works For Lan But Not For Internet
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This is a little odd. I'm running a beta of suse9 and have ran into an odd problem that I've never seen before. The OS recognizes my WL110 nic (compaq) fine. I can browse around in my lan using the ip addresses of the other machines. When I try to go out on the web though it will not resolve the web address name. At first I thought it wasn't getting the correct nameserver info but all of it is there in the config files. If I use the embedded ("regular cat10) nic then I can surf the net just fine. It's very odd that the wireless nic works fine in that I can ping & smb browse other machines but it will not go out on the internet. Like I said before though i can get out onto the net from the 10/100 nic.

any ideas of things I should check or why the wireless apparntly works but won;t get out? I've looked in var/log/messages and I dont see anything odd.
could be an iptables issue (not allowing port 53 udp to the wireless card). Try stopping iptables and see if it works.

It could also be a problem with the Internet sharing server (is it a wireless router, a windows machine or a Linux machine)?
well I'm still having the problem ! UGH!!!! this is so annoying.......I'm using a Linksys router (that works w/ windows). I've even went into my resolv.conf & set my nameservers (earthlink) manually.

If anyone has any experience getting Suse 9 to work with a wireless router then please let me know. I'm using a Compaq WL110 nic, Linksys 802.11b router.

My problem is that I can browse the internal "network" behind my router but the only way to get onto the internet is to use the "wired" embedded nic.

thanks for your time.
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