Alright, there is nothing major about this post, I am just working on an idea, and need some educated peoples help.

I was given an old PC, old old, as in 486DX old. I got wiped the disk, and tried thinking of a use for this machine. Already used an old one as a Smoothwall router, plus this machine doesn't have any NICs in it, it just has a modem, sound card, floppy, 1.2GB HDD, and CDROM that refuses to use burned CD-Rs, sticking me to floppies, which is no problem since this project idea is at least in my head small.

Basically, I want to turn it in to a box that just emulates a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I figured Linux would be best for getting a small OS that could run the emulator. The idea is broken down in to two.

First and most ideally, for the system, I would like it to boot, then go to a menu, ask which system you would like it to emulate (say there was NES and SEGA on it), from there it loads the required emulator, which you run as normal, picking your rom file and playing it, saving and so forth.

Second idea, machine boots, most likely to a prompt, you then just manually tell it to run the emulator, then carry on as above.

I do not know what distro would work best for this idea. My hunting brought me to things like Tiny Linux, but I couldn't install that, it would freeze at LI when trying to boot from install disk. Currently it has Gray Cat Linux, but I still have to launch that and it would be another step in the process which I am trying to get around.

I just would like it to be clean simple, and easy for anyone to use. Searching I couldn't find someone with a similar project idea, so I found this place and decided to see what you guys think, if you got time.

Any ideas, or other questions?

If that seems like too much a difficult task, what else could I do with the machine? Any other wonderful Linuxie ideas?