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Full Version: Installing/burning Onto Cd
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Master Pimp
Im runing Winxp I want to have duel OPs Linux and Windows i d/led Linux RedHat 9(Strike) all 3 discs but i cant find the files i have to burn to a cd is it a iso/bin file ? im new to linux and i have never done this befor plz help me what files do i need to burn to a cd to make a Linux disc and where are they in the folder
The files you downloaded should be .iso files...

You can find more info Here. Here is an FAQ.
Master Pimp
i thught i d/led rar files and iso was in them lol but they where Isos so i burned them onto a disk went to linux setup tested disc etc went to install got to the Partition it wont let me creat a new 1 so i d/led Partition Magic 8 Pro installed it went to make a new partion but not so sure what to put in plz help heres a screeny of it

screeny1 am i doing right thing ?
screeny2 am i doing right thing ?
screeny3 What dus that mean/do witch 1 i do ?
screeny4 What do i put in there
i want duel OPS Winxp and Linux RedHat 9 on same drive C its 40G D is 80G and its got my games d/l etc C has systeam and systeam stuff so what do i put in my screenys
That will work (I would use ext3)... you also need to create a swap partition .... 512mb should be OK.
Master Pimp
i have to do it maunlly now what do i need to put in the /boot and the / ? and how mainy mb do i put them as and how i do a swap partition ?
Master Pimp
It installed(auto worked) booted up linux got to the setup bit like reg and all that so i put Sam Stevens in as me user wouldnt have it cos of caps then i put sam stevens in it come up a error like auto did befor then skiped that bit so i got to the user bit when u login to linux and it wont have my user i also regsterd on linux site about a week ago too but thats got nuthing to do 1 my admin account has it ? plz help
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