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Full Version: Windows Stole My Bootloader
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I have been running linux mandrake for about a week and liked it. Unfortunatly i have to have windows installed so i can do my Visual Basic homework for school. I left a big chuck of my harddrive open for windows, when i was installing it told me windows xp must be the active partition to continue installation. Well this i figured not to be a problem i'd just use a boot disk run fdisk and reset the active partition later. When i did that the computer booted up and said, no operating system found, but when i set active back to the F: (windows) Xp boots. I don't know what happend, how come my bootloader doesn't run? did windows crap out my linux partition. I tried to run the rescue portion of the madrake cd, but my computer does' work the linux install very well, it won't load to memory, unless i have the computer off for a long time. When i run rescue it says /Mnt/cdrom not found or somthing like that. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPEND!!!
To add to this, i think that i installed the bootloader to the linux partition is there a way to add lilo to the MBR from windows?
When you install windows XP, chances are, it will overwrite your linux bootloader. I just finished installing XP on a seperate partition after having gentoo installed, and it eased grub on me.

If you have created a bootdisk for your linux distribution, you need to boot into it, and re-initialize your bootloader. If you are using lilo, this can be as simple as adding a windows entry in your /etc/lilo.conf file (there should be a commented-out example in there) and then re-running lilo with "lilo -v".

If you're using grub, then you need to add a windows entry in your /boot/grub/grub.conf (menu.lst on older versions) and then running grub and resetting it up.

I'll give small examples for each:

Open /etc/lilo.conf , and add your windows partition (usually at the bottom):

other = /dev/hda3
  label = WindowsXP

save the file, and rerun lilo (/sbin/lilo -v)

Open /boot/grub/grub.conf, and add your windows partition (at the bottom):

title=Windows XP
rootnoverify (hd0,2)
chainloader +1

Now, run grub:

# grub

Tell it where your root partition is (the partition that linux is on):

grub> root (hd0,0)

Now, install grub into the master boot record:

grub> setup (hd0)
grub> quit

Note: Grub labels it's partitions starting from 0, so hda1 = (hd0,0) , hda2 = (hd0,1), etc.

Now, you should be able to reboot, and your bootloader will open up and you can choose windows or linux.
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