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Full Version: How Do I Undo Hd Linux Partition?
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I attempted to install RH9 on an older Windows 95B machine with a single hard drive split up into two, 2 GB partitions. Win 95B is on the first partition (/dev/hda1) and hda2 was empty. When I used disk druid to delete the /dev/hda2 partition and then put a swap and / mount point in this space, the installer needed to use the swap space immediately due to lack of enough RAM. It therefore, wrote the new file table. The installer said at the end that my machine wasn't supported. I can boot just fine into Windows 95B, but the 2 GB partition I used to have empty must have been converted to ext3 when then file table was written. I won't be using Linux with this machine, but I would like to get the 2 GB back on the second partition and make them readable/writable by windows. How can I do this?

boot using the rh9 cd1, when you get to the command prompt (where you would press enter to set up redhat), press F2 and then use the command:

linux rescue

After you get to the linux command prompt, use the command:

fdisk /dev/hda

if you press m it will show you a menu...use p to print the partition table and use the command d to delete the swap and linux partitions...

when you are finished (don't delete /dev/hda1 ...) use the command w to write the changes to disk.

type man fdisk from a terminal window to see more information....
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